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"Children Are A Gift From God"
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 Pro-life people are diverse in economic status, race, religion, and education. Yet, they are unified by the concept that all humans, especially the innocent unborn, have an inherent right to life. 

Here are things I believe as a Pro-Life person:

I believe that the unborn child is human.  Click

I believe life begins at conception.  Click

I believe that abortion is not safe.  Click 

I believe that abortion is a war on the unborn.  Click 

I believe that the Roe v. Wade decision, legalizing abortion on demand in America, was one of the most important and devastating Supreme Court decisions.  Click

I believe that a constitutional amendment should be passed that gives equal protection to all living humans, including the unborn. Click 

I believe that the violence inside and outside abortion clinics is morally wrong.  Click

I believe that rape and incest are horrible crimes and should be punished, but I don't believe that a child conceived from either should be killed.  Click

I do not believe that the government should fund abortions.  Click 

I do not believe that the government should fund Planned Parenthood - the largest national supplier of abortions.  Click 

Being a religious person, I believe that the Bible backs up my views on abortion. Click

Here is what I think all Pro-Life people should be doing to help stop abortion: Click

The struggle over the abortion issue has been long and hard.  Is all the work worth it?  Why not take a look at the Baby Hall of Fame. 

You Can Save Someone’s Life Today ... Be Pro-Life!

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